Aspect Architecture was established in 2000 by Matthew Cooper. Based in Kingscliff, Northern NSW we work in urban, suburban, regional and rural contexts. Our work includes house renovations, new houses, attached housing, apartment buildings, commercial fit outs, master planning and feasibility studies.

The practice is intentionally small, efficient, and people orientated. We are keenly interested in how the process and products of architecture can contribute to the daily lives of people at all scales. From a thoughtfully designed kitchen bench through to the considered assembly of an urban apartment building, we believe that architecture plays a fundamental role in the way we experience place.

Our approach to architecture is informed by the unique opportunities that each project, site and client present. These parameters guide the project throughout the design process and remain the foundations from which all decisions are made. The focus on these parameters is intended to ensure that each project responds directly and meaningfully to its brief, setting and occupants.



We are a small team of experienced and dedicated architects and architectural graduates. As architects we are uniquely experienced and positioned to contribute throughout all stages of the life of a project from feasibility studies and site selection through to the tendering and the building process. As a team we work closely with town planners, developers, clients, engineers, designers and builders.

Collaboration is an important part of the life of the practice. Past and current collaborators include: Buro Two Architecture, Plummer and Smith (Landscape and Public Art), Planit Consulting (Town Planners), Westera Partners (Structural engineers) and Guymer Bailey Architects.

If you would like to more about us, our work or any part of the architectural process please just give us a phone call. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

(02) 6674 5418

Aspect Architecture holds current  Architectural registration in both NSW and QLD.