Stanley House

Stepping down toward the North for the green view.

A private residence for a young couple; Stanley House was the second of two houses built on a very steep site located in Brisbane's inner west. Falling to the north and with expansive views toward Mount Cootha forest the homes were designed to take advantage of this aspect by stepping gradually down the slope.



As an integrated development strategy, both homes were derived from the same overall floor plan, with subtle changes in the planning made for each particular site. The facades of each building were however designed to be completely individual.

Again taking cues from the site, the slope of the land is mimicked in the raking ceiling and increasing volumes of the living spaces. Living levels are situated at near street level allowing easy access from the garage, and from the levels above and below. 

These open spaces feed onto generous entertaining decks and  visually connect the young couple to their greater environment by framing a 'green' view along the Northern wall.