Peel House

Front and back outlooks with a green threshold between.

This house is the sister project to Angliss House. The original site located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Wilston was subdivided into two, where the vacant portion was used for a new build and this project for the extensive renovation of an existing dwelling for a young family.


New outdoor living space acts as a divide between the existing house and a new two storey addition to the rear of the site, which houses open living space below sleeping and service areas. Positioning this extension to the Western edge has allowed maximum use of the backyard and a strong indoor-outdoor connection.



Alterations to the building's facade kept within it's original character, while new openings created from front to rear allow internal living spaces to take advantage of the expansive city view from it's existing outlook.

While the contemporary nature of the addition contrasts the existing home, the extent of renovation has produced an outcome much like that of a completely new build, with flexible spaces that are set up to serve this young family for years to come.