September, 2016

Ludlow House

Sketch design is drawing to an end for this house in Brisbane's inner northern suburb of Hamilton. 

September, 2016

Lorikeet House

Our Peregian Beach project is nearing completion. This extensive renovation and expansion of an existing beach front house was an exploration into coastal living and one we feel will definitely be well received by the whole family. 

September, 2016

Bulimba House

Another project beginning it's construction. This time in the inner Brisbane suburb of Bulimba. We've aimed to create a house that acts as a wall to the garden so that our clients can feel and interact with the full extent of their site. 

August, 2016

LA Recruitment Fitout

The finishing touches are being put on our design of an office fitout for LA Medical Recruitment.

August, 2016

Marne House

Onsite at Marne Road in Albion. Currently under construction this family home was designed to shape a variety of places that respond to and celebrate the changing environmental conditions of each day and each season. We're excited it's nearing completion and that means we'll have many more photos to share soon.

August, 2016

Stella Motel Strategic Plan

Early investigations into the site of a motel development in Yamba, New South Wales.

July, 2016

Sunset House

Construction is well underway on the renovation come extension we designed for this family home. Located in the Samford Valley on a rural property our clients sought to connect with their surrounding landscape and bushland views. Judging by progress we think it's coming together nicely so far.

June, 2016

Cylinders House

We're in the throes of conceptual planning for a new house in Kingscliff, New South Wales for clients that came with beautiful landscaping in mind from their nursery business and the ambition of a Palm Spring architecture for their house. We've begun to work through different solutions so keep an eye out as we progress further.

Watson Upload.jpg

June, 2016

Watson House

Our model of a new family home in Newmarket, Brisbane. Nestled under a dense canopy of trees and with sweeping views west we're excited for the opportunities that this project has presented. At the moment we're exploring how to vary qualities of space from different vantages; on the ground plane, amongst the branches and on a lookout level. 

May, 2016

Kirkdale Townhouses

Currently underway in the office is a 51 dwelling development located in the inner Brisbane suburb of Chapel Hill.

March, 2016

Bangalow Motel

A motel development located in the village of Bangalow, New South Wales. We're exploring a new typology for the design, by seperating the motel rooms to create useful and open public space in between.

February, 2016

Elanora House

Construction is is set to commence on this beach front property we designed in Pottsville, New South Wales.

January, 2016

Kiamba Valley Farm

Our initial investigations and site analysis are underway for the master plan of a working farm in Kiamba.