Mermaid Street Apartments

A multi-residential development in the heart of Chermside.

The development site dimensions suggested a large, bulky form which is unsympathetic to the streetscape. The task was clear from the start: break down the form into identifiably different buildings. This was achieved by creating two distinct forms, and visually separating them through materials, height and dividing elements. 

While the building appears separated into two, it functions with the efficiency of one. It shares the same car parking, vertical and horizontal circulation and common open spaces.

The material palette is responsive to both old and new – the brick ties the building to the past, but utilizes elements that suggest a more contemporary insertion. The rear, larger building presents materials and form that link to the present and the future.

The apartments enjoy amenity through spacious, well thought layouts and north-south orientation. The north facing apartments benefit from good solar orientation while a portion of the south facing apartments enjoy city views.