Marne House

Celebrating a seasonal lifestyle

With views of the city and a large rear garden to the south, this renovation and extension uses the mass of the new built work to create a sheltered and shaded fernery. This roofed outdoor room is a two storey fernery that allows views from the kitchen to the yard, connects upper and lower floors and introduces a cool, damp place where the family can retreat from the summer heat.



This rare double block with its original highset cottage in Brisbane’s North affords the unique opportunity to recess the double garage deep within the site. By recessing the garage and shifting the house toward the western boundary the original post war cottage is given unhindered views to the street and generous access to north eastern sun and breezes. The extended driveway also provides a large sunny play area for a growing family.

The original verandahs are restored and morning winter light allowed to penetrate into the large family room where they will cook and eat meals each day. A large sweeping roof to the south and generous screening protects from Brisbane’s severe storms. The roof is punctuated by an opening to allow a shaft of northern light to trace out a path on the ground below.