Kingscliff Small Lot

Flexible coastal housing

Located in the beachside town of Kingscliff, Northern NSW, this project involves the subdivision of an existing 1200m2 site into four small lot sites and the design of three complimentary dwellings.

With increased migration to the string of coastal communities that line the eastern coast of Australia, the Tweed Shire Council recently introduced a small lot code that allows for the subdivision of residential land into parcels as small as 200m2. It is intended that these sites are developed in conjunction with the design of the associated dwelling.




The principles underpinning the design of these dwellings is good quality, private outdoor space, living areas that open to the north east aspect and the potential for flexible use of the dwelling over time.

The materiality and construction method employed are informed by the local context with the use of simple fibre cement sheeting, weatherboards and generous decking areas for dusting off sand and waxing surfboards.

Collectively the houses shape generous outdoor areas and protect from overlooking between dwellings. Living areas are located on the north east where possible and views to the beach and western mountains are established.

The lower floor flexible living rooms are given direct street access to allow use as a spare bedroom, home office, studio, workshop or secondary quasi granny flat.

The need for flexibility within the design of housing stock so that it can respond to the variety of demographic and economic needs of the occupants over time was seen as critical to the design of these dwellings.