Cash House

Re-imagining the country shed as a communal weekender.

A single detached house on a semi-rural property in the Noosa Hinterland, this home acts as a weekender for a Brisbane based family of four. The core philosophy of the project was the respectful placement of a contemporary building in a rural setting which allows close family living while also maintaining a sense of privacy.

Divided into three pavilions, the separation of the building into smaller mass elements and the use of steep pitched roofs creates a rural aesthetic, reminiscent of the classic country shed which is added onto over and again through the years. The simple form, restrained material selection and conventional construction methodology also allows the building to be very efficient with regards to construction cost.


Internal spaces connect seamlessly with the environment through the use of specific openings, and a deck which cantilevers over a small dam. The central living pavilion provides a communal gathering space whilst the sleeping pavilions on either side provide a private refuge for family or guests.

Climatically the building uses all natural ventilation, with each pavilion designed for cross flow breeze. A north east orientation of the main building allows excellent solar access whilst ensuites of the sleeping pavilions act as a buffer from the western sun.

The project won a regional commendation from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and is featured on their website: