Balmoral House

A sweeping home that intimately leans into its surroundings.

Situated on a spectacular block of land behind the Sunshine Coast on the Balmoral Ridge near Montville this was new house project for a retired couple. The design, an elegant arc-shaped floorplan has two distinct building elements connected by a light filled entry and entertaining area that spills into a Northerly orientated yard.


The design of the curved floorplan translates into the interior nicely as a very subtle, yet obvious feature - something that allows the interior spaces to 'reveal' themselves as you move through the house. It also lends to intimate communal living while also allowing space for visiting family to spread out comfortably.

Passive solar design included expansive glazing to the East and West which maximised views over the Coast below, while eave overhangs allow controlled solar access in summer and winter months. Extensive use of stained local timber further connect the house more closely with its natural environment.

Aspect Architecture was commissioned to produce the building concept design and working drawings up to Building Application stage. The project was then managed and built by the owners in conjunction with local Sunshine Coast Hinterland builder, Peter Jones.