Angliss House

Enclosed private living space that tunnels to the distant view.

Designed as a large family home on a narrow inner city block, this house was designed to counter the challenges of a narrow, south-facing site while taking advantage of panoramic views to the city skyline. Influenced by climatic conditions of the site, exposed east and west facades are closed down, whilst the northern and southern ends are open. This creates an elongated form that steps down the slope of the site.

The living, kitchen and dining areas form a continuous sequence from front to rear as the ceiling plane leads the eye uninterrupted through the space towards the distant view. This long design offers excellent ventilation and the opportunity for its occupants to withdraw from the view to the comfort of spacious and light filled interiors.

Spatially, a deck to the front of the house forms a transitional zone between the house and the street, whilst to the rear an outdoor terrace opens to the north and connects to the backyard and pool area. All of the bedrooms are contained in the upper level of the house.